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Criminal & Motoring offences

Our criminal law team at Biruntha Solicitors represents our clients at Police Stations, Magistrates Courts, Crown Courts, and at Appeal Courts such as the Court of Appeal. We know how important it is that you are well represented, either at court or at the police station. We at Biruntha Solicitors have a reputation for well-prepared and high-quality work. Our experienced solicitors are experts in their field, therefore, will build an excellent case based on the knowledge of the criminal justice system and also assemble excellent evidence and documentation to ensure that our clients get their desired outcomes. Our team can assist and advise you on all sorts of criminal cases hence if you require more information do not hesitate to contact us now.

Also we can help you all kind of motoring offences like Speeding, Dangerous driving, Drug or Drunk driving, Driving without insurance etc. Please ring us to know which all offences we can defend you.

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