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Asylum UK

We have an expert principal solicitor and a well-trained legal team who can assist with your asylum case from the very beginning until you reach a decision that’s favourable. We understand this will be a traumatic time for you, therefore, we will provide a high standard of care and legal advice for you. When you contact us first about your case we will link you to a lawyer who specialise in an asylum case, which means your case will be dealt by one lawyer from the start to end. We are dedicated to providing an excellent customer service for our clients therefore, we have created have a multilingual legal team which means you can talk to our team in a language of your choice.

At Biruntha Solicitors, we strive to provide the moral support you need during this emotional and demanding time; therefore, your solicitor will come with you for your asylum interview. We will guide you through every step of the way and will help you prepare for your interviews. We will also proof check the paper works and our legal team maintain a regular contact with you to ensure your safety and will update you on the progress of your case. If you require more information and assistance with your case do not hesitate to contact us and when you first come to see our legal team you don’t need to worry about paying anything as we offer first free meeting, which last for 20 minutes.

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